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Basic Training for New Dads

September 30, 2014
Greg Bishop, the author of Crash Course for new Dads states, when it comes to being a new dad, the cave man set the standards.  Greg uses language, humor, and case scenarios that appeal to the male mind. He goes on to say funny things like, "Human babies require two heads, four hands, and a “village." and "Cave men did not club their mates over the head! They needed each other to survive, so he was doing everything he could to score points with the cave mom in his life!"  He writes this humorous book as if he was outlining a boot camp for dads, and by the end, he is legitimately successful in preparing both the inner caveman as well as the modern day dad. 

Most new dads have admitted their biggest fear surrounds the economics of a new baby. Funny video clip They admit they are petrified by the idea of entering unexplored territory and having to use unfamiliar tactics, that involve care of a new baby and mother. There is much to learn during your stay at the hospital, so take advantage of the expertise you will encounter:

•Learn from the nurses
•Take care of Mom
•Manage your visitors
•Change your baby’s first diaper or be the first to do a baby bath
•Help with breastfeeding
•Fall in love!

Don't be afriad to be a playful, adventurous dad.....(following excerpt taken from Crash course for New Dads
"Of all the powerful dynamics in the circle of life, a father’s critical role in teaching his baby to play has got to be one of the coolest. Fathers, perhaps due in part to maturity issues, are naturally designed to be her perfect playmate. Tickling, flight lessons, peek-a-boo and wrestling all come naturally. Dads elicit radiant smiles and infectious belly laughs, sometimes with just a wink. Playing is your baby’s main job: it teaches him how to laugh and take risks, develops his motor skills and speeds the development of his brain and nervous system. It’s a dirty job, but remember when you are crawling on the floor, barking like a dog, as you chase him around…it’s a Dad’s job!" 

Along with all the tips and advice, just remember there is no 'right way" to be a dad. The cave mom in your life will really appreciate that you are willing to try to be the best dad you can be! Click here for a trailer for a You Tube channel "My life as a dad".

All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them---Magic Johnson

Posted by Heather Knott, RN-IBCLC
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