Your Breast Navigator

For every patient, we offer a breast navigator who is your personal guide through your breast health visits and breast cancer journey. She walks you through imaging and diagnostic procedures, and stays by your side as you weigh your options when it comes to breast surgery, treatment and after care. If you require surgery, she uses her expertise to manage your needs on the day of your surgery, ensuring a seamless continuity of care. Her knowledge and caring nature help you gain your footing and develop a plan to move forward.

Meet Heather Milne, RN, your breast navigator.
"At first, women often feel paralyzed taking the next step, so I help them develop a plan and advocate for them every step along the way. I’m there to rub their legs during a biopsy, or hold their hand at a doctor’s appointment. As one patient put it, I’m there to help make a tough situation tolerable."

What you can expect from our breast navigator:

•    Personalized care, including private consults and emotional support
•    Introduction to your care team physicians
•    Appointment management and attendance, as desired
•    Educational materials and guidance
•    Treatment notebook to help organize your journey

Ask Healther Milne, RN

What are your day to day responsibilites being our breast navigator?

Working on Breast Health including prevention and education, making sure women get their annual exams and come in for their follow up appointments.

What are some common questions asked?

After a patient receives a breast cancer diagnosis, I contact her and see how she is coping. Sometimes patients are overwhelmed and they don’t know what to think or do next. It is very scary. 
What should I do? 
What is my next step?
Am I going to lose my hair? 
We work through all questions and come up with a care plan that works for each individual. Compassion is so important and we want to help every patient through the tough times

What makes patients in Aspen stand out?

We have a large portion of women in this community who are active and strong. Many of them can be aggressive dealing with cancer, but that does not mean that the journey is easy. There is still a lot of emotion to go through and then, the battle starts when they get their gloves on and say, "OK, I’m ready now." Every woman has her own way of dealing with this intense situation. We try to support and meet the needs of each individual, helping wherever we can.

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