Support Services

Our breast center helps you feel whole again by supporting all of your needs, helping you regain strength to move forward and live well. 

Nutrition Counseling

With cancer, nutrition can be impacted. Our registered dietitian provides an individual assessment to all breast cancer patients to help determine the best diet to aid recovery, manage side effects and help maintain a healthy weight. She helps you overcome treatment complications including bowel complications, diarrhea, loss of hunger and medication side effects. 

"Women often ask me how they should eat to stop the cancer from happening again. I help them determine the best plan for healthy eating during and after treatment."
– Kristy Bates, Registered Dietitian

Oncology Rehab

Our oncology rehab team works collaboratively with our physical therapists to help you regain range of motion and your desired fitness level. Treatment includes exercise in a dedicated cancer rehab gym, massage therapy and skin care. It is offered at both AVH and at the  After-Hours Medical Care clinic in Basalt.  

Lymphedema Care

Mastectomy or radiation treatment can sometimes create lymphedema,  a buildup of fluid often in the arm and hand, and sometimes in the breast, underarm, chest, trunk or back. With early management, lymphedema can be controlled. Our certified lymphedema expert helps lessen symptoms with lymphatic massage, compression and exercises.   

Genetic Counseling

Knowing if your cancer is genetically driven helps determine your oncology treatment plan. AVH offers genetic counseling via telemedicine with licensed, expert genetic counselors in Denver, coordinated by our breast navigator. 

Psychosocial Support

Our clinical social worker provides ongoing support for breast cancer patients and loved ones before, during and after treatment. Services include counseling, case management, advocacy and connection 
to community resources with help setting up meal delivery, financial assistance, home care (e.g. nursing help with drains) and more. 

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