This south view of the hospital upon completion will be visible as one drives into the hospital parking lot or down Castle Creek Road. The use of stone, brick, and glass capitalizes upon the natural environment and minimizes the visual impact on the neighborhood. Existing site contours and vegetation allow for blending the facility into its surroundings.
This view of the inside of the hospital upon completion demonstrates how natural light, curved hallways, small gathering places, and creative design can provide a warm and inviting hospital environment. It is our goal to avoid both the "institutional" look of the typical hospital and the "lodge" look that is associated more with the hospitality industry than health care. Our architects have planned a facility that reflects our beautiful surroundings in a contemporary design that meets all industry standards.
The north garden view is visible primarily from the entrance to Whitcomb Terrace and the Pitkin County Senior Center. Because of the topography of the hospital campus, one views this side of the building from a very low place on the property. For perspective, the far right aspect of the building in this image is the existing single story obstetrical department. The middle and left side of the building shows the existing Patient Care Unit with a proposed second story and addition. To the far left, the top level of the parking garage can be seen. This view showcases the blend of materials, and the architectural style results in a visually interesting appearance.

0401 Castle Creek Road
Aspen, CO 81611

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