Patient Safety

Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH) considers your safety a top priority while you entrust us with your care.  As such, AVH has voluntarily chosen to participate in an accreditation process to help ensure you that safety is important to us.  The Joint Commission (TJC) is that accrediting body that measures a hospital's commitment through National Patient Safety Goals for Critical Access Hospitals.  These goals are revised annually and focus on practices that help ensure hospitals are providing quality, safe care.  Each goal specifies evidence-based practices shown to decrease errors.
The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals for Critical Access Hospitals include:
1. Patient Identification:
Methods to safely identify patients receiving care, including administration of blood products.

2. Communication Among Caregivers: Transfer of patient care from one provider to another safely (“handoffs”), and communicating to providers when test results are out of the normal (critical value reporting).

3. Using Medications Safely: Best practices in administering medications (labeling), extra precautions for patients that take medications to thin their blood, and correctly passing along information about patient medications from one area to another, including at discharge.

4. Infection Prevention: Effectively preventing infections in our organization through proper handwashing, using evidence based guidelines to prevent infections from tubes and catheters, in surgery, and to prevent infections that are difficult to treat.

5. Safe Surgical Practices: Methods to ensure the correct surgery is done on the correct patient, at the correct place on the patient’s body, and pausing before surgery to make sure all staff is prepared (time-out processes). 

AVH is a member of the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) and is an active participant in the Hospital Engagement Network.  CHA also has a Colorado Report Card that uses standardized quality data and outcome measurements endorsed by national organizations to report clinical outcomes in a clear and usable manner.
AVH also participates as a member of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to continually look for ways to improve care.

The AVH leadership is committed to safety at all levels within the organization and has a robust program to oversee quality and patient safety.  Employees are empowered to take a "time out" when they believe actions may lead to harm.  Patients are encouraged to be active participants in their care through our "speak-up" program if you see or believe anything is not safe.

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