Board of Directors Meetings

2nd Monday of each month
5:30 p.m.

To confirm meeting date and time, please call 970.544.1296.

2020 Health Fairs

After careful consideration and due to the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic this fall and winter, Aspen Valley Hospital is postponing our remaining health fairs through the end of this year. We are taking every precaution to keep our staff, our volunteers and the community—especially our most vulnerable populations—safe from the spread of the virus.

We understand our community looks forward to our health fairs every year. Unfortunately, given the social distancing measures mandated by our public health orders and other special event constraints, we are not able to use our traditional format.
Looking ahead to 2021, we are exploring ways we can modify our health fair events to facilitate demand for our popular blood draws, and do so in a way that keeps everyone safe. We greatly appreciate your understanding, and we will post all updates to our website as we have them. Please check back for more information.

Oncology Rehab

Did you know that regular exercise can improve, or even alleviate, some of the troublesome symptoms of cancer treatment? Oncology Rehabilitation at AVH holistically addresses cancer related symptoms during and after cancer treatment through cardiovascular exercise, resistance, balance and neuromuscular training in a supportive group environment.

For class schedule information and to set up your preliminary interview, please contact Jeanne Stough at 970.544.1566 or at
Patients receiving treatment at AVH have their interview fee waived and their first two sessions free.

Brain Fit

Is a loved one struggling with dementia, Alzheimer's or a traumatic brain injury? Brain Fit can help! Regular aerobic exercise slows the progression of brain atrophy and improves cognitive brain function. Mild cognitive impairment and dementia affects 10% of those over 70 years old and 20% of those over 80 years old.

For pricing information and to set up your prelimiary interview, please contact Melody Durham at 970.544.1119 or at
Participants must commit to twice per week for at least one month.

Childbirth Education Classes

COVID Alert: some class modifications are currently in place-Including the Childbirth Preparation Series; V.I.P Sibling Classes; Friends and Family CPR Classes; the Art of Breastfeeding; and Express Classes.

Call 970.544.1130 for specific information, or click here for the current schedule and online registration form.

Diabetes Classes

Education for Type 1 or 2, gestational, or pre-diabetes conditions are ongoing. Offered in both Aspen and Basalt.

For specific information about dates, times, and locations contact Certified Diabetes Educator Mary Margaret O’Gara at 970.544.7394.

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