Thank you for attending the Winter Lecture series!

All the sessions were recorded, and are available below.

Management of Hip Arthritis 
Dr. Thea Wojtkowski, MD

What's New in Knee Replacement Surgery
Dr. Leelee von Stade, MD

Neck Pain: The Effects of Aging 
Dr. Stanley Gertzbein, MD

The Achilles Tendon 
Dr. Khan-Farooqi, MD

Common Shoulder Conditions 
Namdar Kazemi, MD

The Future of Orthopedics
Thomas Pevny, MD


To review some of last year's lectures, scroll down the page.

Common Foot and Ankle Problems in the Recreational and Competitive Athlete
Waqqar Khan-Farooqi, MD

Knee Anatomy and Sports Injuries
Tom Pevny, MD

What's New in Knee Replacements
Leelee von Stade, MD

Care and Maintenance of the Hip in Active Adults
Thea Wojtkowski, MD

Hand Injuries in the Climber
Ann Golden, MD

Common Cycling Injuries
Mark Purnell, MD

The Herniated Disc
Stanley Gertzbein, MD

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