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This page notes the physicians, with active or with associate staff membership, and their respective locations.

Aspen Valley Hospital​

Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
Robert A. McDermott, MD
Regan Pyle, MD

Chris Beck, MD
Eric Willsky, MD
Vincent Franze, DO
Adriana Divo, CRNA
Amy Engelmann, CRNA
Kathleen Mitchell, CRNA
Cameron Meyer, CRNA
Phyllis Whitman, CRNA

Anesthesia/Pain Management
Giora Hahn, MD

Paul Becker, MD, FACC
Gordon Gerson, MD, FACC

Karen Nern, MD
Pauline Reohr, MD

Ear, Nose and Throat
Heather Murphy, MD

Emergency Medicine
Gregory Balko, MD, FACEP
Catherine Bernard, MD
Brent Fowler, MD
Scott A. Gallagher, MD, FACEP
John Glismann, MD, FACEP
Kimberly Levin, MD, MPH
Chris Martinez, MD, FACEP
Christina Miller, MD
Clarice Sage, MD
Charles Abramson, DO
J. Stevens Ayers, DO, FACEP
Amy Behrhorst, PA-C
Dawn Kopf, PA-C
Sean Nevin, PA-C
Lisa Olsen, FNP
Sara Shainholtz, PA-C

Rebecca Adochio, MD
Marc Cornier, MD
Cecelia Low-Wang, MD
Virginia Sarapura, MD
Irene Shchauer, MD

Family Medicine
Bruce Bowen, MD
Jenny Connery, MD
Anne Goyette, MD
Glenn Kotz, MD
Kelly T. Locke, MD
Kim Scheuer, MD

Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine
Ellen Dy, MD
Robert Dy, MD
Gerard Tomasso, MD, FACP

General Surgery - SOCC (Surgical Specialists of Colorado)
Bryan Baer, MD
Jennifer Bocker, MD
Elizabeth (Betsy) Brew, MD
Lesley Fraser, MD, FACS
Joe Livengood, MD, FACS
Charles Mains, MD
Franco Rea, MD
Christopher Zaw-Mon, MD

Gail King, MD

Mike Goralka, MD

Infectious Disease
Melanie Enderwick (Gerrior), MD

Internal Medicine
David J. Borchers, MD
Paula Kadison, MD
Ann Mass, MD
Susan Zimet, MD
David J. Borchers, MD
Bryan Gieszl, MD
Gail Mizner, MD

Brooke Allen, MD

Melinda Nagle, MD
Natasha Knight, MD
Nancy Bacheldor, CNM

Douglas Rovira, MD
Nancee Dodge, RN, FNP-C

Mike Murphy, MD, FACS

Orthopedic Surgery (OrthoAspen - both Aspen and Basalt)
Stanley Gertzbein, MD
Namdar Kazemi, MD
Waqqar Khan-Farooqi, MD
Ferdinand Liotta, MD
Tomas Pevny, MD
Mark Purnell, MD
Eleanor F. von Stade, MD
Thea Wojtkowski, MD
Dan Greene, PA-C
Kelly Johnson, PA-C
Rachael Wymer, PA-C

George Frank Holmes, III, MD
Robert Macaulay, MD

Harvey Fahy, MD
Charlene Guggenheim, MD
Mary Harris, MD
Carey Levin, MD
William Mitchell, MD
Claudia Nelson, MD
Rebecca Percy, MD

Plastic Surgery
Jennifer Butterfield, MD
Peter Fodor, MD
W. Jason Martin, MD

Noel Armstrong, DPM

Gary Cott, MD

Radiology (Radiology Imaging Associates)
Andy Fisher, MD, MBA

Duane Pearson, MD

Sleep Study
Thomas Minor, MD

Teleneurology (Blue Sky Neurology)
Maysun Ali, MD
Russell Bartt, MD
Alicia Bennett, DO
Michael Bogitch, MD
Christian Burrell, MD
Ira Chang, MD
Chris Fanale, MD
Adam Graham, MD
Emily Lampe, MD
Jonathan Scott, MD
Byron Spencer, Jr., MD
Jeffrey Wagner, MD

Jeffrey E. Fegan, MD
Jamie Lowe, MD

Basalt After-Hours Clinic

William Duke, MD
Elizabeth Tai, MD
Joshua Seymour, MD
Kelly T. Locke, MD
Bruce Bowen, MD

Snowmass Clinic

Jon Gibans, MD
Kimberly Levin, MD, MPH


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Aspen, CO 81611

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